COVID-19 safety measure

Implementing the Abruzzo region security protocol (Ordinanza n. 65 – 22 Maggio 2020 and addendum to the Ordinanza n.70 del 7 Giugno 2020, in realization of the art. 1 comma 14, D.L 16 May 2020, n. 33) the Il Risveglio del Cavaliere B&B complies with the regulation for the prevention and protection against contagion of COVID-19. #ABRUZZOSICURA

An internal management protocol has been implemented with the application of:

  • sanitization of all rooms and common spaces with hydrogen peroxide;
  • information plaque with recommendations to contain coronavirus infection;
  • dispenser with certified hand sanitizing product;
  • usage of certified products for daily cleaning;

Moreover the B&B Il Risveglio del Cavaliere will provide chirurgica mash to all the guest.